Watrium invests in Sensio AS together with Sensio’s majority owner Longship. Sensio has recently acquired Safecall Aps, Vestfold Audio, Hospital IT and Roommate As. The proceeds from the placement will be used to support the growth strategy and develop the company. Sensio provides welfare technology primarily in the public sector in Norway, and has started the European expansion. By providing a complete, seamless and flexible technical infrastructure, Sensio manages the entire flow from sensory- and IoT devices to the user interface. Sensio’s welfare technology solutions enable efficient and effective workflows for both formal and informal care providers to free up resources to meet the challenge of an ageing population.

Watrium will be represented on the board of directors by Anders Christian Wilhelmsen who comments:

“Sensio is excellently positioned in a market with strong underlying growth drivers. With an aging population and an increasing need to provide better and more efficient care, we see Sensio’s offering as part of the solution. Sensio’s platform combines input from different sensors to provide a holistic service to patients, relatives and care providers. This will not only provide a better quality of life for the patients, enabling home living for longer, but also yield efficiency gains for care providers whether working in home care or at institutions. We look forward to working with Longship and Sensio management in the coming years.”  

For more information about Sensio, please see sensio.no.