About Watrium

A private investment firm

Watrium is a private investment firm

Watrium focuses on active, long-term ownership of a global financial portfolio, industrial assets and top-tier commercial property in central business districts.

Core values

Watrium’s day-to-day operations and investments are governed by a set of core values. The same values define who we are and express what is important to us as owners, colleagues, investors and members of society.

Our core values are:

Long-term ownership

We are a long-term investor. We utilise this investment perspective to the benefit of the businesses we invest with. Watrium has an intergenerational perspective on our firm and our investments. Watrium is on temporary loan to the current generations of owners and the main task is to continuously develop the firm and the portfolio and subsequently hand it over the next generation in an improved state – financially, operationally and reputation-wise.


We invest with and employ people we trust. We meet partners, employees and stakeholders with openness and honesty, and expect the same in return.


We operate responsibly and invest conscientiously. Watrium strives to provide a positive contribution to society as a whole.

The Watrium team

Watrium has offices in Oslo, Norway, and London, UK. The Watrium team consists of experienced investment professional and administrative personnel with broad domestic and international experience across a number of industry sectors.

Watrium is fully owned by the Wilhelmsen family. The third and fourth generation of the ownership family are currently represented in central positions through CEO Anders Christopher G. Wilhelmsen (3rd generation) and Investment Director Anders Christian G. Wilhelmsen (4th generation).


Watrium relates back to the Anders Wilhelmsen Group, which was founded in 1939 by shipowner Anders Wilhelmsen (1st generation).

Watrium was founded in 2002 as a private investment firm by the Wilhelmsen family.

For many years, Watrium was a significant shareholder in the industrial investment company Awilhelmsen. These shareholdings have over time been realized, as Watrium took an active ownership role of its full portfolio. Today, Watrium is not engaged with businesses or investments in the shipping or cruise industries.

Watrium has now developed into a fully professionalised investment firm that manages a large portfolio of global financial assets, industrial assets and commercial property.