Investment philosophy

Intergenerational investment perspective

Watrium is an investor with a diligent, disciplined and patient investment approach

A key objective for Watrium, is to hand the firm and the businesses over to the next generations in an improved state – financially, operationally and reputation-wise. Managing risk is therefore of major importance.

Consequently, Watrium operates in line with the following value-oriented, global and intergenerational investment strategy:

  • Watrium strives to make a positive contribution to society as a whole
  • We invest in high quality businesses with top quality management, where ownership and managerial interests are strongly aligned
  • We like to partner with other investment firms, families and entrepreneurs that shares our values and active ownership ambition
  • We have a counter-cyclical mindset, using financial leverage conservatively and maintain a strong balance sheet to be able to support our businesses in downturns and take advantages of the opportunities that arises
  • Watrium’s unique long-term perspective and flexible investment mandate makes it possible to also invest in minority and illiquid positions, that over time offers attractive risk adjusted return
  • In general, we do not invest in early ventures, but selectively we support companies with proven business models to accelerate international growth

Asset allocation

Watrium manages a balanced portfolio of real estate, private capital, public capital and liquid financial assets. We invest across industries and geographies, but our main focus is Northern Europe and the industry sectors:

  • Real estate and Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Professional services
  • Health Care
  • Maritime Services and Aquaculture